1. As the weather is muggy and hot, one might incline towards a cup of Iced Coffee instead of Brewed Coffee.

2. At Small Town, “Iced Coffee” is synonymous with “Toddy”. Instead of throwing hot coffee over ice, we choose to brew Toddy already cold. It takes 20 hours.

3. Yes, Toddy is pretty strong. We dilute it with water to take out some of the heart attack, but it’s still pretty hearty.

4. No, Toddy from Small Town does not contain whiskey. That would be your additive.

5. The brewing method of Toddy is reported to eliminate a good deal of the acidity that causes upset stomach (not the flavor quality “Acidity”). So, if brewed coffee or espresso makes your tummy hurt, try Toddy.

6. We use a medium roast blend of dry processed coffee beans from Kauai Roastery to make our Toddy. Dry Processed beans will typically yield a thicker bodied coffee. So our Toddy ends up with the mouth feel of a porter ale, but still has a clean finish.

7. Enjoy Toddy. We do, too.