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Serving fine coffee, espresso, cold drinks, tea, smoothies, pastries & good times on Kauai's east side.


Small Town Coffee was dreamed up in 2005 by Melody Harwell, who now owns and operates Coffee Slingers, a shop and roastery located in Oklahoma City. It was then located in the Roxy Building in old Kapaa Town. Before selling, Melody moved the shop to the blue building by the canal on the North end of Kapaa.

Melody’s obsessive love of coffee and frantic quality standards rubbed off on the new owners, Anni Caporuscio and Jeremy and Julie Hartshorn. Anni won a few barista competitions. The new owners opened up breakfast and lunch. Sarah, the baker, started rocking our pastries. All the while they kept weekly music, a vibrant staff, a hub for public information, wit and fun, and good good coffee.

Present day Small Town Coffee is located in the corner of Kojima’s parking lot in a cozy little bus. After all this time, Small Town maintains its reputation for artisan coffees and great service. The shop caters to creativity in flavors, conversation, music, garden, and a funky atmosphere.

Small Town strives to put people first: by making the staff comfortable and happy, they make customers happy. Small Town believes that a cafe, in functioning as a home away from home, is 60% great product and 40% atmosphere. Small Town loves community music: they host music events where everyone gets to play and support each other.

Small Town Coffee also loves Kauai and actively participates in local government, local non-profits, community organizations, ecology, and education. But most of all, we are in to the coffee.

Feel free to talk to Anni about beans and about being a barista. She loves to geek out about that stuff. Cheers!


+That coffee beans should be ground immediately before brewing.

+And that they should be consumed immediately after brewing.

+That communities are good investments. So is payroll.

+In morning rituals.

+That you can put anything onto a bagel.

+That word of mouth advertising is the highest compliment.

+That the first sip of a latte is the best – no lid, no sugar, no walking away.


+In reducing the market for new things by re-using old things.

+That a cup of coffee should be delicious AND beautiful.

+In making people smarter. Starting with us.

+In live music.

+In composting. We think this is the highest form of recycling.

+That coffee tastes best from a ceramic mug.

+That a warm muffin is something to be cuddled with.

+In telling your friends, “See you tomorrow.”